Firstly, we hope everyone is doing as OK as possible in these unprecedented times. It has just been a horrendous year for most people reading this newsletter and we hope that you and your loved ones are staying safe and well.

We are writing to you today with the very sad news that the decision has been taken to postpone the Southport Weekender in March until 2022.

Despite all the fantastic and positive news coming out about vaccines, other treatments and rapid tests this last week, after extensive consultation with Butlins who are also postponing their Music Weekenders in the same month, we collectively feel March is just a little too soon to run the event as it should be. We are all desperate for a ‘proper’ Southport Weekender to return with normality and it will - just not quite yet.

We realise this news will be a huge disappointment and may be unexpected by many of you. Lord how we need a Party and there just isn’t a party like a Southport Party.

We cannot thank the thousands of you enough for your incredible support and patience whilst we have worked patiently though this dreadful pandemic. We understand that for some of you this may not be the first time we’ve had to cancel, and we’re sorry that this is happening to you again.



Working closely with Butlins we have secured the outstanding Bognor Regis site for March 2022. It’s fantastic to have this key date with this unbelievable venue and its fantastic facilities, hotels and accommodation. When we do return it will quite simply be unmissable!

Many of you, The Southport Family, have spent so many years attending the Weekenders. Lifelong friendships have been forged, marriages have resulted, babies born, performances made and an atmosphere that cannot be matched anywhere – March 2022 will be that extra bit special after what we have had to endure. We will absolutely make sure of that.

LINE UP 2022

We are acting swiftly to ensure we get as close as possible to what is and will be an unbelievable selection of the world’s best artists from this soulful scene. We don’t anticipate much of a change with over 90% of artist fees already paid and the huge level of support from all the agents and the artists we love so much. We all want this so badly.


It goes without saying that after such a difficult year for our industry we really hope that you can stand by us and the Southport brand as you have for so many years just one more time, by keeping your bookings for 2022. We’re not going anywhere and it would mean the world to us if you can lend your fantastic support once more.


When we first went on sale with the Weekender, if you remember, all of the hugely ‘in demand’ Self catering apartments along with Gold 2 person rooms sold out on the first day. Not long after that the Event itself sold out completely, leaving us with a huge waiting list of people who missed out. For everyone who chooses to keep their booking in place we guarantee:

• You maintain your current booking and accommodation of choice, or based on availability we will assist you to upgrade before the Remaining Southport Weekender 2022 places go back on sale on 29th January 2021.
• You are protected from any future price rises or booking fees.
• You and your party will keep your free tickets for the September Southport Festival 2021 in London.
• Should your original party need to be reduced or increased in size for any reason, again pending availability we will assist you in this in January before the remaining places go back on sale.


We understand that people have already made name changes and may want to make further changes. To simplify this across the whole event, we will ask you to re-submit your guest names at a much later date so there is no further cost implication or need to make further changes until closer to the event.


It goes without saying that for some of you circumstances have changed and you will want to initiate refunds. We will of course accommodate this with a four week window commencing on 26th November. We will send an email with a link to this form to Lead Bookers next week.

Once applications have been received and processed, refunds will commence from the 5th January and be settled before the remaining Southport Weekender 2022 places go back on sale on the 29th January with any accommodation that has been relinquished through the refund process. Refund requests must only be completed by Lead Bookers and will invalidate claims to free tickets for the September London Southport Weekender Festival 2021.


19th November 2020 - postponement announcement.
26th November 2020 - four week refund request window opens to Lead Bookers.
5th - 28th January 2021 - Refunds processed and settled.
29th January 2021 - Remaining Southport Weekender 2022 places go back on sale.
18th - 20th March 2022 - Southport Weekender


We kindly ask for your patience while we work through this, and request you contact us by email rather than asking us questions on various social media pages, as we are unable to monitor these regularly and we don’t want your query to be missed. We will be answering all questions directly ourselves which we know you understand is a huge task. We have tried to answer all possible queries in this statement so please read it carefully. If you still have something you need to ask please contact us at:

Please give us a few more days from this announcement before hitting us up with emails, as we will be writing to every single lead booker with everything you need.

Please take care and we thank you in advance for your support.


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